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MercurialEclipse Screenshot Tour

Cloning Wizard

To start a new project cloning is dead simple using its dedicated wizard. All frequently used options are available in the UI.

Synchronization View

The bi-directional views show all outgoing and incoming changes in an easy to understand interface. Visual diff's are available right away to make sure you are pushing and pulling the right changes.


Check the tag list fast. Easily tag the parent- or any other change set.


In a distributed version control system, branches are king. Know your branches. Switch to another head, arbitrary revision, tag or branch easily.


It is easy to keep track of who committed what and why in the visual file history. Finding an older revision takes for seconds.

Tight Mylyn Integration

MercurialEclipse is tightly interated with the Mylyn task framework, via the codeBeamer Eclipse Studio project. You can associate your change sets with the tasks that triggered those changes, and enjoy the benefit of all changes being traceable.
For example, you can find out which task caused a particular file change, while browsing the change history of the file:


The Transplant extension and the Transplant wizard is a great way to exchange patches between your branches and repositories.