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Usage: SIGMAV [I=<int>-<int>][J=<int>-<int>][K=<int>-<int>]
Default: 0.0; I=1-NX; J=1-NY; K=1-NZ Optional

SIGMAV defines the shape factor for the rate constant β calculation for all matrix/fracture transfer functions. See Section 10.3 for a description of the various transfer functions and associated definition of β. With SIGMAV, DPALPHA and STOWAVG can be provided as well. If you want to override the calculation of β for the two linear models (DUALPHI=LINEAR or KAZEMI) and provide your own value of beta, use the keyword DPBETA instead. DPBETA and SIGMAV are exclusive keywords and cannot both be defined. SIGMAV is required if DUALPHI=ECLIPSE.

SIGMAV requires NX*NY*NZ/2 entries only. Note that the default value for each gridblock is zero meaning that no matrix/fracture transfer will occur in a gridblock unless the value is explicitly defined. The SIGMAV keyword must appear at least once in the input deck if DUALPORO=ECLIPSE.

The units of the SIGMAV array is 1/m2 for METRIC and 1/ft2 for FIELD.


SIGMAV I=1-100 J=1-100 K=1-2
1000*10 1000*20 / !1000 values are 10 and second 1000 are 20