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Add ?{textfile 'filename/url' } to upload CLOBs from text files.#5037/v3
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Add ?{textfile 'filename/url' } to upload CLOBs from text files.[REQ-5037]

Tracker: Requirements Priority: NormalNormal Assigned to: --
Submitted by: Rvalery Mar 15, 2007 02:05 Status: Closed Category: --
Severity: Enhancement

Currently ?{file '...'} provides Blob using only. This issue isn't compatible with MSSQL TEXT and NTEXT, so it is complex to upload external data to such fields.

>> Error codes: [S0002, 206]
> >Driver exception:
> >Operand type clash: varbinary is incompatible with text

Let the programmer to decide which type of param will be sent to JDBC driver.

thank you.
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