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Auto-discovery for JDBC drivers#3672/v3
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Auto-discovery for JDBC drivers[TSK-3672]

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Assigned to: ejboy Oct 24, 2006 00:36 Submitted by: ejboy Oct 24, 2006 00:36 Status: Closed
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The auto-discovery feature may be a useful addon for ETL scripts. Consider the following problems/issues:
  • Conformance with JDBC 4.0 autodiscovery
  • Automatically resolve scriptella driver names using URLs, e.g. oracle URLs start with jdbc:oracle
  • Add "scriptella.driver.jdbc" driver with autodiscovery + spring/jndi support.
The META-INF/services approach would be fine for auto-discovery.

Add transparent handling of URLs like jndi:java:comp/env/Datasource or spring:dataSource. Internally driver should use Spring and JNDI drivers

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Submitted Comment
May 10, 2007 17:46
I've changed jdbc name to "auto" in favor of general lookup mechanism.

At this moment only mailto: is the only non-jdbc URLs supported. spring: and jndi: are still JDBC oriented.

Mar 11, 2007 12:02
For 1.0 driver attribute will be required, but the generic "jdbc" driver implementation should be added.
Support for Spring/JNDI datasources should be handled using URLs, e.g. <connection driver="jdbc" url="spring:myDataSource"/> or <connection driver="jdbc" url="jndi:myDataSource"/>