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Detect missing call#12257/v5
Tags:  v1.1

Detect missing call[CRQ-12257]

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Submitted by: equim Jul 06, 2010 05:44 Status: Resolved Category: --
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It is very easy to forget to call within a query block using the script or JEXL (etc) drivers. If you do then it can be hard to understand why your ETL isn't working as it should.

It would be very useful for scriptella to detect this condition and report an error/warning and/or automatically insert a call at the end of the block.

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Nov 26, 2012 09:17
Detect missing call

- Added MissingQueryNextCallDetector to check if has been called on a ParametersCallbackMap and report a warning.
- Updated JexlConnection and ScriptConnection(for JavaScript etc.)
- Added integration tests for JavaScript/JEXL to verify new querying behavior
- Added TestLoggingConfigurer to temporarily override loggers for testing.

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10 Changes