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JEXL 2.0 Support#12161/v5
Tags:  v1.1

JEXL 2.0 Support[TSK-12161]

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Assigned to: -- Submitted by: ejboy Jun 27, 2010 11:41 Status: Closed
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Scriptella needs to upgrade JEXL support to 2.0. See syntax description.

The following features were introduced in 2.0:

  • Assignment expression: a = b (and a.b.c = d). Issue: JEXL-27.
  • Assigns a variable (ant-like variable or bean-property)
Ternary operator expression: a ? b : c (and a ?: c). Issue: JEXL-19.
  • The usual inline conditional shortcut and its 'Elvis' form (a ?: b evaluates as a ? a : b)

Constructor call expression: new('', arguments...)

  • Creates a new instance of a class using the most appropriate
constructor according to the actual arguments

Function namespace: ns:func(arguments...) Issue: JEXL-15.

  • A function namespace allows the use of class or instance methods in
function calls


  • Adds ${...} and #{...} JSP/EL syntax support on top of the JexlEngine

JSR-223 support. Issue: JEXL-63.

  • Implement JSR-223 Scripting Engine for JEXL script (need BSF-3.0 on
Java < 6)

Error and exception handling. Issue: JEXL-10, JEXL-11.

  • Configuring the leniency and verbosity of the Jexl engine allows user
control over the error handling policy

Support Unicode escapes in string literals and quote escaping. Issue: JEXL-17.

  • 'foo\u0020bar\'quux'

Perl-like regular-expression operators. Issue: JEXL-46.

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Submitted Comment
Jun 27, 2010 13:37
Initial version
Support_for_JEXL2.patch 25.8 KB
Jun 27, 2010 11:44
New namespaces registered:
  • date: e.g. ${date:now()}
  • text:
  • class: e.g. ${class:forName('java.lang.System')