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Finish work on new Terrain Editor#25389/v4
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Finish work on new Terrain Editor[TSK-25389]

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Spent Effort: -- % Spent / Plan: -- Assigned to: delurin, scfischer7, Wolfen69 Jan 13, 2012 09:28
Submitted by: Tristan Jan 13, 2012 09:28 Modified by: Xangis Jun 15, 2012 01:04 Requirement: --
Change Request: --
I didn't even know this existed!

The Terrain Editor Preview Release was never quite finished, and there were a few bugs. I'll add them to the Bugs list at some point.

Otherwise, it needs some more work done to it, which I shall detail later.

Also, I think it would be worth removing the current Terrain Generator tool, and replacing it with the Terrain Editor. (Assuming Terrain Editor has generation tool? I can't remember) EDIT: Perhaps merge the two?

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