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Transplant can not be completed when the merging fails with some problems#11678/v4
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Transplant can not be completed when the merging fails with some problems[BUG-11678]

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Submitted by: zluspai Apr 13, 2010 11:56 Modified by: johnpeb Nov 18, 2010 17:13 Assigned to: ilya_ivanov, johnpeb Oct 08, 2010 00:04
Category: -- Severity: -- Resolution: Implemented
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The version is: "MercurialEclipse".

I have tried to transplant one changeset and it has failed with some merging problems (.rej files are created), so I had to use manual merging. This is fine so far, I did the merge manually. But the problem is that I can not commit the transplanted changes back, because if I do the commit Mercurial won't know about that I have transplanted the changes.

In previous HgEclipse/MercurialEclipse the transplant process worked better, because when the transpant was failing then the project stayed in a "MERGING" state, and after the manual merge I could say "continue transplant" on the transplant wizard (or I could do a "transplant --continue" on command line). This seems not possible now?

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