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Transplant Wizard UI design issues#10707/v4
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Transplant Wizard UI design issues[CRQ-10707]

Tracker: Change Requests Priority: NormalNormal Status: Closed
Submitted by: aron.gombas Dec 09, 2009 11:10 Modified by: hgeclipse Dec 21, 2010 16:20 Assigned to: --
Category: Wizards Severity: Major Resolution: Fixed
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If I correctly understand it, there are 2 use cases:
  1. transplanting from another repo
  2. transplanting from another branch (of the current repo)

In case 1, why am I seeing the branch selector? I can click the "transplant from a branch" and then I see the branches in the current repo... In case 2, why am I seeing the repo URL even if disabled?

This whole thing misleading. Misleading labels, misleading controls, misleading interaction (enabling/disabling, clearing content of the URL input box, branch selector showing the branches of the current repo, not those of the repo at the URL, etc.)

My suggestion: to clear this up, add a new step before the current first one where you can select between the 2 main use cases with 2 radiobuttons. This will also significantly simplify the currently first screen.

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Submitted Comment
Mar 08, 2010 15:42
I've just committed a lot of changes to fix most of the issues reported in this request (enabling/validation etc). Should we design a completely new wizard for transplant, or can we close this issue now?

Regards, Andrei

Dec 09, 2009 13:30
I think the main problem is not the fact that there is no additional step (e.g. I'd found it "useless"), but the whole transplant part is really just "piled" there by put hg transplant extension command parameters. Technically the whole wizard like structure is useless as it is now. Second page also contains options which must be part of the first one.