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Transplant Wizard UI design issues#10707/v4
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Transplant Wizard UI design issues[CRQ-10707]

Tracker: Change Requests Priority: NormalNormal Status: Closed
Submitted by: aron.gombas Dec 09, 2009 11:10 Modified by: hgeclipse Dec 21, 2010 16:20 Assigned to: --
Category: Wizards Severity: Major Resolution: Fixed
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If I correctly understand it, there are 2 use cases:
  1. transplanting from another repo
  2. transplanting from another branch (of the current repo)

In case 1, why am I seeing the branch selector? I can click the "transplant from a branch" and then I see the branches in the current repo... In case 2, why am I seeing the repo URL even if disabled?

This whole thing misleading. Misleading labels, misleading controls, misleading interaction (enabling/disabling, clearing content of the URL input box, branch selector showing the branches of the current repo, not those of the repo at the URL, etc.)

My suggestion: to clear this up, add a new step before the current first one where you can select between the 2 main use cases with 2 radiobuttons. This will also significantly simplify the currently first screen.

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