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publish Scriptella to Maven Central repository#10631/v3
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publish Scriptella to Maven Central repository[TSK-10631]

Tracker: Tasks Priority: NormalNormal Owner: hboutemy
Assigned to: hboutemy Apr 18, 2010 02:55 Submitted by: hboutemy Nov 26, 2009 19:59 Status: Closed
Start Date: Apr 13, 2010 18:00 End Date: May 12, 2010 18:00 Estimated Hours: --
Spent Effort: -- % Spent / Plan: -- Category: Release
Severity: --
I intend to use Scriptella with my own project ( And to ease integration, it would be usefull if Scriptella libraries were published in Maven central repository. This does not mean that I propose to change the way Scriptella is built: building it with Ant is fine. The intent of this task is only to publish the result.

I can provide help: propose some pom.xml, work with Maven team to upload artifacts (in fact, I'm in the Maven team ;) )

Just tell me you're interested and have a little time to spend on this topic.

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Submitted Comment
May 13, 2010 05:10
Scriptella 1.0 is on Maven Central repository: groupId com.javaforge.scriptella see
Apr 20, 2010 10:34
publication space for the project has been set up: see OSSRH-413
Apr 15, 2010 17:06
poms were added to svn, and I just fixed compilation issues

now, there is only one remaining problem before Scriptella can be totally built with Maven: some unit tests fail when launched by Maven I'll investigate...

Apr 13, 2010 15:52
Would love to help. probably start with publishing and work through with a separate branch...
Nov 28, 2009 10:16
here are some poms I worked on Scriptella 1.0RC sources Please review the main pom particularly, with information on developers and scm info

These poms are quite functional: I was able to build whole Scriptella and run all tests, but there are some little reorgnization to do in the source tree. We can later work on supporting Maven build for Scriptella.

In their current form, these poms should be quite good to publish to Maven Central repository 4 KB